As a nationally registered NDIS provider, we’ll work with you to help you overcome your challenges and to maintain your independence.

At Konekt Ability, we will empower you to live your best life.
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About us

Konekt Ability is a national registered NDIS provider, delivering support services to participants of the NDIS.

Our aim is to increase participants’ independence, inclusion, and social participation. We provide timely and reliable interventions, increase access to equipment, aids and services, and provide solutions to enhance quality of life.

We are flexible and innovative, and hope to contribute to improving outcomes for participants, by providing a personalised approach, which supports, empowers, and enables participants to feel valued, respected, safe, heard, understood and satisfied.

Part of the Konekt Group of companies, we have offices in over 120 locations across Australia. We have been helping people to find employment and return to work since 1998.

Our Services

Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination

Konekt Ability can support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan.

Our Support Coordinators will link you to the community, mainstream and other government services and support you to reduce the barriers you may be facing, and coordinate any additional supports you may need.

Assistive Technology and Home Modification Assessments

If you need assistive technology and/or home modifications to enhance your independence and safety in the home, our Konekt Ability Occupational Therapist can assist with a home assessment.

This may include the possible redesign of your surroundings, the provision of equipment as well as simple structural home modifications (such as fittings and fixtures).

Our team will work with you to identify and install any home supports you need.

Improved Health & Wellbeing (Exercise Physiology)

Konekt Ability Exercise Physiologists can work with you to actively promote and encourage your physical wellbeing, with the option of incorporating exercise.

Finding and Keeping a Job

Konekt Ability can provide you with workplace assistance to support you to successfully obtain or retain employment. This could involve individual employment support (identifying employment aspirations, searching for jobs, using social networks, etc.); employment preparation activities; employment related assessment and counselling; school leaver support; or transition from school to further education.

Specialised Supported Employment

Konekt Ability can provide transferable skills assessments, functional assessments and vocational counselling to allow you to appropriately target specific jobs. We also conduct labour market research and employer canvassing to optimise the likely of finding suitable and sustainable employment in the areas you are most interested in. We will monitor your return to work and support you day to day to ensure it’s the correct fit for you and your employer.

Improve Daily Living Skills via Assistive Technologies and Home Modifications (ATHM)

Konekt Ability can assist you to perform tasks with increased independence and with ease and safety, using assistive devices or systems. A Pre-Planning Needs Assessment will help map your short and long-term support needs and provide you with individualised recommendations that are reasonable and necessary.

Therapeutic Supports

Konekt Ability can provide you with Specialist Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology and other health professional support in improving your participation and independence in daily tasks and activities, in areas such as language and communication, personal care, mobility and movement, interpersonal interactions and community living.

Who can access Konekt Ability?

Any NDIS participant can access Konekt Ability for the supports listed above. For more information on any of these support services, call us on 1300 723 375, email us at ndis@konekt.com.au or complete our Expression of Interest form below.

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For more information about Konekt Ability, call us on 1300 723 375 or email us at ndis@konekt.com.au
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